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Contacts: Peter George | Dave Labbe | Matt Chagnon
Cost: $50 - PAY ONLINE

Our popular men’s league is a nine-hole Tuesday night league, open to all non-junior men's members. The league typically has eight teams of 11 men but can be changed at the discretion of the league committee. The maximum size of the league is determined by the amount of sunlight available, especially in April and August and the amount of time it takes to get that many players around the course. Signups for the league are taken at the Pro Shop.

There is a waiting list to get into the league which is currently running about one year. If you are a current league member be sure to sign up and pay your dues as soon as the club house opens in April to make sure you keep your slot. After the close of signups any open slots will be filled from the waiting list. If you chose not to join the league when your name comes to the top of the list, you may elect to go back to the bottom of the waiting list. All levels of players are welcome in the league. Nine-hole averages run from mid 30’s to low 60’s.

Team Draw
The team draw is done by pulling names out of a hat and all members are welcome to attend. All players in the league are ranked from 1 to 88 based on your previous year's scoring average. If you are new to the league, your handicap is used if you have one, or we estimate your average score if you do not have a handicap. Once the full roster is set, the list is broken down into groups of eight men representing the 11 positions in the league. The teams are then chosen by pulling a name from each group for each team. Once the teams are chosen, the roster is typed up and the scoring chart is created.

Play Format
The play format is quite simple. Each week two teams will play head to head, playing each position player against the other teams same position player. (#1 plays #1; #2 plays #2, etc). The match is “match” play, (hole play) with the winner of each hole receiving 1 point and the loser receiving 0 points. Halves receive half a point each. At the end of the match, pass your score card into the Pro Shop and it will be recorded. Note: For the sake of time, if your opponent has closed you out on a hole, pick up and move on. The league play starts with a team scramble in mid to late April (weather dependent) – all 11 members of your team play together in a scramble format competing against the other seven teams. This is a great way to get to know the players on your team. There are then seven weeks of competition, one match against each other team, and a first half winner is determined based on total points earned. This is followed by another seven weeks of matches and a second half winner is determined. If there are two different winners for each half, there is a playoff the following Tuesday. The seasons final night is a team scramble followed by the awards banquet.

Play Times
Men's league matches are expected to be played on Tuesday nights. The tee will be closed to non-league members from 3:00 p.m. on. Unless other arrangements have been made, you should be at the course ready to play no later than 6 PM. Each league member is responsible for contacting your opponent if you cannot play your match on Tuesday night and arranging another mutually agreeable time to play. If an emergency comes up, please call the pro shop before 6 PM and let them know you will not be able to make it. It is then your responsibility to contact your opponent and re-schedule the match. The team roster sheet has a list of all players, their phone number and the time they usually arrive at the course. Matches can be played ahead of schedule, but must be completed no later than 3 PM on the Tuesday following the night the match was scheduled to be played. EXCEPTION: Matches for week seven (the last match for the first half) and week 14 (the last match for the second half) MUST be played no later than the scheduled Tuesday night since possible playoffs may need to be determined.