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Thank You, Pete!

After 15 years as President of Farmington Country Club, Peter George officially stepped down from the position at the club's Annual Meeting on January 25th. George was later elected to the Board of Directors and will continue to be an active shareholder. The impact that Pete has had on the club and his dedication to improving all facets of the course and clubhouse is second to none in our near 100-year history. On behalf of all shareholders and members, we'd just like to say... Thank you, Pete!

Kevin Mosher named President

At the January 25th Annual Meeting, Kevin Mosher was voted the next president of Farmington Country Club, replacing Pete George after 15 years. Mosher, the Farmington High School golf coach, has been a lifelong member of the club, runs the Farmington 500 Boys and Girls Club golf program, has served as the course ranger and was named Chairman of the Clubhouse Operations Committee this past season. Welcome President Mosher!

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2017 Club Champions Crowned

On September 4th, Aaron Hagar captured the 2017 Men's Club Championship over Herb Holt to highlight Championship Monday play, while Sue Ferland won her fifth women's championship, beating Deb Forbes. Keith Jensen defeated Kenny Martin in the men's first flight and Nancy Briefs came back to beat Fran Soucy in the women's first flight. Congratulations to all of our champions. Check out the full brackets:

Team Lovejoy captures 2017 Men's League Championship

The 2017 Men's League Championship was decided on Tuesday night (August 22nd) and George Lovejoy's squad defeated Don Dinwoodie's team, 52-47, in a playoff between the two. The 88-person league will hold its annual season-ending team scramble and banquet on August 29th.

The 2017 President's Cup & 2-Person Champions crowned

Kenny Martin defeated Bill Monza in the 2017 President's Cup final to come away with the championship. Martin also partnered with Keith Jensen in the 2-Person Championship to take home the title over Josh McGilvray and Bob Newcombe. Check out the full results:

Learn from the Pro

Our PGA Professional Julie Donlon is offering lesson programs for the 2017 season. Private, individual lessons for adults and juniors are available, as well as group lessons for beginners. LEARN MORE

Welcome to Farmington Country Club

Welcome to Farmington Country Club located in Farmington, New Hampshire. Please browse our newly redesigned website for the 2017 season. Within you will find information about memberships, lessons, course lay out and much much more. Please do not hesitate to call or email us with any questions. The Pro Shop can be reached at (603) 755-2412 or via email.

Congratulations to our 2017 Club Champions

Men's Championship Flight
Winner: Aaron Hagar
Runner Up: Herb Holt

Ladies Championship Flight
Winner: Sue Ferland
Runner Up: Deb Forbes

Men's First Flight
Winner: Keith Jensen
Runner Up: Kenny Martin

Women's First Flight
Winner: Nancy Brief
Runner Up: Fran Soucy

Junior Championship Flight
Winner: Sam Reynolds
Runner Up: Jake Currie

The Course

Farmington Country Club is a nine-hole par 36 course located on the bank of the Cocheco River.

Member Cards

All members are issued member cards at the start of the season and are required to check in with their card at the pro shop prior to playing.

Daily Greens Fees

The Green Fees are set annually by the Board of Directors and are posted in the Pro Shop.

Golf Carts

A power cart renter must have a valid driver’s license or proof of age 18 or older. No more than two people and two bags to a cart. Please keep carts on cart paths whenever possible. Cart rules will vary daily on a hole by hole basis based on ground conditions. This information will be posted at the Pro Shop near the entry door as well on individual holes. Please obey cart rules. It is for your safety and the well being of the course. Always keep carts at least 30 feet from greens and tees unless they are on a cart path. Violators will lose playing privileges. Carts must be returned before dark. Powered Golf Cart Rates are set annually by the Board of Directors and will be posted in the Pro Shop.

Tee Boxes

Forward Tees: Red and Gold
Back Tees: White and Blue

Please feel free to play from any tees you are comfortable playing from. Always tee off from between and behind (up to two club lengths) the markers on the tee you have selected to play. When posting your scores in the computer be sure to select which tee you played from. If there are no markers on a teeing area, the tee is currently closed for maintenance.

Tee Times

Tee times are required on weekends and holidays during the season, and are recommended on week days. Members and shareholders can make tee times up to 1 week in advance. Non-Members can make tee times 5 days in advance. The pro shop reserves the right to join groups into 4-somes. All tee times can now be made on-line.

Ball Marks and Divots

For the enjoyment of all of us playing, please remember to fix your ball marks and replace your divots. A ball mark repaired within 15 minutes heals in about 24 hours. A ball mark that is not repaired can take more than 2 weeks to heal.

GHIN Handicap Card

Your GHIN handicap card is not included as part of your membership but can be activated by paying the proper fee to the Pro Shop. The fee will be set annually by the Pro Shop. It is the responsibility of each member to post all of their scores on the handicap computer located in the club house. Please see one of the pro shop employees if you need help entering scores or printing your handicap card. Nine hole scores can, and should be entered into the computer. The only way to get an accurate handicap is to enter all of your scores.

Local Rules

USGA Rules Govern Play except as noted below.

  • Preferred lies in your own fairway—one club length.—Mark your ball. Pick, clean and place it within 1 club length, no nearer the hole. You must play your ball as it lies in the rough.

  • All staked trees and shrubs are a mandatory free lift.

  • Cemetery to the left of #9 fairway: Mandatory Relief, 2 club lengths from the nearest point of relief – no nearer to the hole, no penalty.

  • Dress Code

    Shirts and shoes are required; no tank tops. no bathing suits, no short shorts, no tee shirts with obscenities or other offensive writings or gestures. The decision of the pro shop on dress code issues will be final.

    Rain Check Policy

    Rain checks will be given when:

    a) Unexpected thunderstorms and showers develop and do not stop within a reasonable length of time and/or danger of more storms has not passed. If you have completed nine-holes a nine-hole rain check will be issued.
    b) The course becomes unplayable and is closed by the superintendent.
    c) Cart fees for unused holes (9 or 18) will be refunded.
    All other cases will be at the discretion of the pro shop.

    Metal Spikes are Prohibited

    It is the policy of FCC to allow only non-metal spikes on the course. Use of metal spikes greatly increases the risk of damage to green and reduces playability.

    Practice on the course

    Practicing on the golf course is prohibited. Playing a second golf ball when the course is not busy is allowed but please keep pace with other golfers on the course. Hitting of multiple balls or putts from any place on the course other than the practice area or practice green is not allowed. Please be courteous to other golfers and respect the decision of the pro shop and greens crew should this issue be addressed with you. Hitting balls from the 1st tee area in any direction other than towards the first hole is prohibited. Please limit all practice to the practice area. The practice area is available to all, however priority is given to the pro shop for lessons. Therefore, please check with the pro shop before going to the practice range. Practice balls are available for purchase in the pro shop.

    Alcohol Policy

    Due to the liquor license we have, State Liquor Laws prohibit bringing your own alcohol on the course. Beverages can be purchased in the Pro Shop or from the Beverage Cart. No coolers of any type are allowed on the course.

    Pace of Play

    In order to make your round of golf as enjoyable as possible, we will enforce a pace of play policy. Based on normal standards of play our course should be played in just over 2 hours for 9 holes. Please be aware of your pace and play ready golf. While another player is playing their shot, be thinking about what club you will need to hit, or looking at the line of your putt so you will be ready to hit when it is your turn to play. Remember your place on the golf course is directly behind the group in front of you, not directly in front of the group behind you. If the ranger finds you are not keeping up with the pace of play, you will be asked to speed up to get back on pace. If the ranger needs to speak with you a second time, you may be asked to pick up your balls and move forward to the proper place to get back on pace.

    Our Rates

    2017 Rates



    Annual Membership


    Senior Membership


    Husband & Wife Membership


    Junior Membership



    Weekday 9-Hole Greens Fee


    Weekday 18-Hole Greens Fee


    Weekend 9-Hole Greens Fee*


    Weekend 18-Hole Greens Fee*


    9-Hole Cart Fee (non-member)


    18-Hole Cart Fee (non-member)


    9-Hole Cart Fee (member)


    18-Hole Cart Fee (member)


    Yearly Cart Rental (per seat)


    * Includes holidays.
    Carts are now on a per seat basis. No more than 2 carts will be allowed in one group.

    Current Rates

    Farmington Country Club rates for the current golf season are posted in the chart above. To schedule a tee time, please call the Pro Shop at (603) 755-2412, or click on the "Book Tee Time" button on the home page.

    Membership Information

    Membership at FCC is limited to 315. All previous years members will be mailed information in January indicating the new rates and the required payment schedule. Please make sure to keep your mailing address up to date so you can receive this letter. To become a new member, please download the Application for Membership form, or call the pro shop for more details. As of the start of the 2017 season, we have a few open membership slots.

    Membership Categories

  • Junior (under 18, or student, see note below)

  • Adult (Age 18-64)

  • Senior (Age 65+)

  • Husband & Wife

  • Junior Members

    Junior members are members that are full time students. A Junior is not eligible for adult tournaments, league play, club championship etc. until the year after graduation. A member eligible for “Junior Membership” may pay the regular adult membership fees if the member wishes to play in the adult tournaments, however they will not be allowed to play in the men’s league until age 21. To be eligible for “Junior Membership” you must also be: a) a current member of the FCC (grandfather clause), b) a citizen of the town of Farmington, c) attend school in the Farmington school system or, d) have a direct relative who is an adult member of the club. Members of the golf team that are not members of FCC are eligible for a special nine-hole rate, at the discretion of the Pro Shop. Junior membership is limited to 25. The members of the Farmington High School Golf Team will not be counted in the Junior membership limit. Access- Junior members may play weekdays after 10 AM; weekends after 1 PM, with tee times if needed; or may play any time with an adult.

    Payment Of Dues

    A non refundable deposit of One Hundred dollars ($100) must be paid by February 15th to continue your membership. The balance must be paid by May 1st and play will not be allowed after May 1st until dues are paid in full.

    Waiting list

    At the present time, we have a limited number of openings. To become a new member, please download the Application for Membership form. Application for Membership form. or stop by the Pro Shop.

    Sick List

    A member who is unable to play due to injury or illness may go on the sick list for one year. The sick list has priority the following year for membership openings. If you are on the sick list and do not continue your membership the following year, you will be removed from the sick list. To obtain a membership at a later date, you must go on the waiting list, if there is one, and pay any current fee. To discuss going on the sick list please contact the Pro Shop.

    Membership Fees Refund Policy

    Membership fees are not refundable after the golfing season has started. Any questions about refunds should be addressed directly with the President.


    2017 schedule of events...


    Book a tee time

    Online bookings coming soon...

    Our Leagues

    Men's League

    The FCC men’s league is a nine-hole Tuesday night league, open to all non-junior men members. The league currently has eight teams of 11 men but can be changed at the discretion of the league committee. The maximum size of the league is determined by the amount of sunlight available, especially in April and August and the amount of time it takes to get that many players around the course. Signups for the league are taken at the Pro Shop. There is a waiting list to get into the league which is currently running about one year. If you are a current league member be sure to sign up and pay your dues as soon as the club house opens in April to make sure you keep your slot. After the close of signups (usually around the 10th of April) any open slots will be filled from the waiting list. If you chose not to join the league when your name comes to the top of the list, you may elect to go back to the bottom of the waiting list. All levels of players are welcome in the league. Nine-hole averages run from mid 30’s to low 60’s.

    This season we will be starting a Thursday Senior League. The Senior league is open to all Seniors, members and non-members, and starts at 2:00 p.m. on Thursday's. Please contact the Pro Shop for more details.

    Women's Leagues

    The Women’s League is open to all Women members and non-members regardless of ability. Play takes place on Wednesday evenings starting in mid May through August. The league is run by the Women’s league committee with the help of the Golf Professional when needed. Play is based on a nine hole format and the number of players that sign up. The tee is closed from 4:30 to 5:30 on Wednesday nights for the Women’s league. Any group following the league must leave one hole open to avoid pressuring the league players.

    Men's League Team Selection

    Team selection is done in mid April by pulling names out of a hat. (Date will be announced and all members are welcome to attend) All players in the league are ranked from 1 to 88 based on your previous year's scoring average. If you are new to the league, your handicap is used if you have one, or we estimate your average score if you do not have a handicap. Once the full roster is set, the list is broken down into groups of eight men representing the 11 positions in the league. The teams are then chosen by pulling a name from each group for each team. Once the teams are chosen, the roster is typed up and the scoring chart is created.

    Men's League Play Format

    The play format is quite simple. Each week two teams will play head to head, playing each position player against the other teams same position player. (#1 plays #1; #2 plays #2, etc). The match is “match” play, (hole play) with the winner of each hole receiving 1 point and the loser receiving 0 points. Halves receive half a point each. At the end of the match, pass your score card into the Pro Shop and it will be recorded. Note: For the sake of time, if your opponent has closed you out on a hole, pick up and move on. The league play starts with a team scramble in mid to late April (weather dependent) – all 11 members of your team play together in a scramble format competing against the other seven teams. This is a great way to get to know the players on your team. There are then seven weeks of competition, one match against each other team, and a first half winner is determined based on total points earned. This is followed by another seven weeks of matches and a second half winner is determined. If there are two different winners for each half, there is a playoff the following Tuesday. The seasons final night is a team scramble followed by the awards banquet.

    Men's League Play Times

    Men's league matches are expeted to be played on Tuesday nights. The tee will be closed to non-league members from 3:00 p.m. on. Unless other arrangements have been made, you should be at the course ready to play no later than 6 PM. Each league member is responsible for contacting your opponent if you cannot play your match on Tuesday night and arranging another mutually agreeable time to play. If an emergency comes up, please call the pro shop before 6 PM and let them know you will not be able to make it. It is then your responsibility to contact your opponent and re-schedule the match. The team roster sheet has a list of all players, their phone number and the time they usually arrive at the course. Matches can be played ahead of schedule, but must be completed no later than 3 PM on the Tuesday following the night the match was scheduled to be played. EXCEPTION: Matches for week seven (the last match for the first half) and week 14 (the last match for the second half) MUST be played no later than the scheduled Tuesday night since possible playoffs may need to be determined.

    The Pro Shop

    The Farmington Country Club Pro Shop will open no later than April 1st. If weather permits play before that time, we will open early and will update the home page to indicate we are opened. After November 15th, the course will remain open for Members only until weather conditions force the course to close for the winter. The status of the course will be posted on the first tee (White Tee). If the course is closed, please do not go onto the course.

    PGA Golf Professional: Julie Donlon

    Julie was introduced to the game of golf at the age of 20 when her parents James “Jeep” and Estelle Donlon joined Rochester Country Club. Julie was attending the University of New Hampshire at the time on a basketball scholarship. Her competitive nature had met its match and the game of golf immediately became her new passion.

    After five years of working summers at local golf courses in New Hampshire and Coaching Varsity Girls Basketball at Spaulding High School in the winter months Julie decided she would make a career out of her love for the game. She worked seasonally from several clubs in Naples, Florida and at several clubs in New Hampshire allowing her to expedite her PGA Apprenticeship. Julie feels very fortunate and proud to have gained experience under the tutelage of PGA Professional’s; Ted Seavey at Rochester Country Club, Joel St. Laurent at Portsmouth Country Club and PGA Master Golf Professional Jim Sheerin at Abenaqui Country Club. Julie received her PGA Class A Card in 2000. She has been a Head Golf Professional at Abenaqui Country Club, The Oaks Golf Links and most recently Beaver Meadow Golf Course.

    The competition, environment and traditions of golf have taught Julie much about life. She is a consummate promoter of the game of golf. She enjoys the many different hats that a PGA Professional wears. Her approach to teaching students varies depending on the person; taking the time to listen to the student determines which path they will take to achieve the necessary improvements. Every student is different, but she believes FUN is the key element for players of every level. Julie especially likes working with juniors and beginners.

    Julie is committed to creating a welcoming atmosphere for families and friends at Farmington Country Club. Including a fully stocked pro shop, special orders, club repair, organization of events and growing the membership.

    Julie currently lives back in her home town of Milton with her boyfriend Paul Carignan and her favorite dog Tucker. She enjoys going to Bruins games, watching the Patriots, long walks with Tucker and vacationing in the Caribbean. Julie and Paul are looking forward to spending time and making memories with their new God Daughter/Great Niece, Jaylyn Donlon.


    Are your grips more than 1 year old? If so, they may need to be changed. Weather and use wears out our grips. If you store them in your trunk where they are exposed to severe temperature changes, they will even dry out faster. Remember this is what you hold on to the club with. Think about it. We have a huge selection you may choose from. Re-gripping is available in the Golf Shop and you will feel like you have a new set of clubs. If you play often (more than once a week) you should re-grip yearly.


    With the advent of soft spikes, re-spiking may needs to be done more frequently than with metal spikes. Soft spikes wear out much quicker than the old metal spikes. Re-spiking is available in the Pro Shop, but it is relatively easy to do yourself. Re-spiking kits are also available in the Pro Shop.

    Weekend & Holiday Pro Shop Tournaments

    The Pro Shop will run tournaments on most weekends and holidays. These tournaments will vary from week to week. Entry fees vary depending on the tournament. All prize money will be paid out in Pro Shop credit. These tournaments are designed for fun but also give the ability for our players to compete. A minimal entry fee enters you in the tournament and closest to the pins! The number of places are determined by participation.

    Some examples of the tournaments that will be run are:
    • Modified Stableford
    • Stableford
    • Skins
    • Point Quotas
    • Individual Gross & Net (handicap required for net prizes)
    • Match Play vs. Par
    • Individual Quota
    • Blind Draw for Partner Team Quota
    • Pick Your Own Partner


    Learn from the Pro

    Our PGA Professional Julie Donlon is offering lesson programs for the 2017 season. Rates for private, individual adult and junior lessons are posted below. If you're a beginner golfer, Julie is offering a series of 5 one-hour group lessons for just $99. Contact the Pro Shop at (603) 755-2412 to schedule your lessons.

    2017 Private Adult Lessons



    One Hour Session


    Series of 5, One Hour Sessions


    1/2 Hour Session


    Series of 5, 1/2 Hour Sessions


    2017 Private Junior Lessons



    One Hour Session


    Series of 3, One Hour Sessions


    1/2 Hour Session


    Series of 3, 1/2 Hour Sessions


    Contact Us

    Farmington Country Club
    181 Main Street
    Farmington, NH 03835

    Phone: (603) 755-2412


    From the North via Route 16:
    Take Exit 17 and turn Right onto Route 75 West (Farmington Road) to Farmington. Follow for approx 3.5 miles to stop sign at Main Street (Route 153). Turn Left approximately 1 mile to Farmington Country Club on your Left.

    From the South via Route 16:
    Take Exit 15 onto Route 11 West. Follow for 4.6 miles to light at Route 153 (Main Street) Turn Right for 0.8 miles to Farmington Country Club on the Right.

    From the North West via Route 11:
    Turn Left onto Main Street (Route 153) for 0.8 miles to the club.